There must be a God who created this!

All things bright and beautiful

All creatures great and small

All things wise and wonderful

The Lord God made them all

(A.W. Small)


Let’s think water…

Hi, there!

Today I want us to take a deep breath, pause and think about H2O – yes, water!

Science tells us water makes up more than 80% of the Earth, but even more intriguing is the fact that our bodies are about 75% and more water. Think about saliva, tears, blood, sputum and all fluids in our bodies…

It obviously becomes clear that water is a very essential thing in our life. From a HEALTH perspective, can you please share with us all how you value water? Just tell us what you think of  water as a role player in our health, the importance and the value of water, what you think is the effect of shortage or lack of water in people’s lives. In fact, speak out of the box. Just be lateral and be free.

TIP: Many people drink more beverage water such as juice, coldrink and alcohol that they take water!

Contribute by either leaving a comment here, or by email

Reading boosts the mind

If we are to live up to the saying that says a healthy mind in a healthy body, then it is plain clear that we have to strike a balance between physical and mental health.
It is therefore a great disproportion to emphasise one at the expense of the other. One way of achieving mental sanity is by reading. Needless to say that by reading one gains a lot of information as well as attaining some form of relaxation. Let me add up very quickly that we are not talking here about reading your road usage manual in preparation for the driving licence test, nor reading various case studies for effective argument in tomorrow’s hearing, nor are we talking about reading because you are in the middle of exams.
No, no. It is voluntary reading that we are on! When you read under pressure, you are under the influence of some hormones that will trigger tension and anxiety. While, on the other hand, you experience excitement and a degree of ease when you read for pleasure.
The therapeutic effect of reading is that your brain undergoes a calming effect created by the enjoyment of the storyline or the recognition that your knowledge base is building up.
I have been reading Monetize Your Passion by Rich German lately, and I must confess that my rusty decision to start my blog received a fresh jolt. Or impetus. Whatever you can call it. I am now finishing off Talane Miedaner’s Coach Yourself to Success. In the latter, I am getting educated on how to eliminate time-wasters, which is an essential thing to do if I am to go some paces on achieving my vision. The point I am making is that no reading is ever a waste of time and energy.
I know you are busy reading something as of now. Just figure out after each page, or chapter, if you knew already what you’ve learnt now. I can volunteer the answer very quickly: there is a difference!
If you are in the reading habit, don’t turn it off because you are doing yourself some major good. You are keeping your mind healthy. If you are not into reading, what are you waiting for? Start now!
There are many ways to start getting into reading gear. You can –
• Start reading alone. Newspapers, magazines and journals are a good starting point!
• Visit the local library.
• Invite friends and start a reading group.
• Save R6 a month – $1 – to buy a good book.
• Check the internet for sites that offer specials for readers.
Remember: a reading nation is a winning nation.

A fruity challenge

In our busy lives, we often relegate fruits to the back seat. I was chatting to one of my friends and asked him when last he ate a fruit. Guess what, it was two months back. I silently turned to myself with the same question: I was just a week or two better than him.

This gave me a push to invite you to a fruity challenge…  It doesn’t matter which fruit you dig most, if you can take a minute to have just two fruits a day. Better still, you can have at least three different fruits into a raw salad, or dress it with cream or yorghut – which is not really necessary, the dressing. Do this for one week and feel the difference!

If you are already into fruits, congratulations!

Ideas on how to enjoy fruits as well as fruit recipes are welcome. 

Together, we can do more!

Hi, there!

I’m so happy to be interacting with you! My utmost concern is how we can keep healthy and try to stay healthy. Mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally…

In today’s life we face a lot of knocks – the bad lifestyles, the polluted environment, the frequent mishaps and the oily and junky foods we take. We are going to keep busy sharing ideas and encouraging one another to keep above the waters as far as total well being goes.

Howdy feel about this. Excited, heh?