My Wisdom

“Failure is not the inability to do the right thing the right way, but the inability to take action to begin to do the right thing right.”


Dennis Salane


Today’s Laughter


The mother used to reprimand her son when he came back from the store with goods that were not carried in plastic bags.                                 “You must always put the stuff that you buy in plastic bags because it’s hygienic that way, and our neighbours won’t be able to see what we buy!”

One day she sent him to buy airtime for a very urgent call. Instead of the usual 20 minutes, he returned after an hour. Furious at the delay, she took on him, “Why take so long? Haven’t I told you I was supposed to make a very urgent call?”

Handing her the plastic bag with the airtime voucher inside it, he explained, “I came back in time, but having remembered that you want me to put everything I buy in plastic bags, I went back to the store to buy the plastic bag”.



Today’s joke : the right overdose

A man swallows 30 tablets at a go.
His wife asks him, “Is this not an overdose?”
“It’s the right overdose”, he assures her. “I am supposed to have taken three a day for ten days now, but I forgot. That’s why I’m taking them all at once”.

Today’s Quote

”The Pessimist complains about the wind,

The Optimist expects it to change,

The REALIST adjusts his sails”.


Author unknown

Today’s Quote

“It’s doing small things for the love of each – just a smile, or carrying a bucket of water, or showing some simple  kindness…                                                                                                                                                  It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put in the doing”

                                                      MOTHER  TERESA

        Quote submitted by Takalani Ran’washe –

Across the globe in 1 420 minutes!

08:00 – I visit the Kruger National Park at  to view how giraffes survive the hot sun.

09:30 – I visit the Laugh-It’s-The-Best-Medicine corner at to catch some fun stuff.

11:20 – I google some like-minded groups at and end up landing on the doorstep of Vicky MacCarthy’s Wellness and Health Meetup (health and wellness/

13:15 – I am welcomed at Oprah‘s studio at, where I make a coutersy call because within an hour I must be at Seamus Hearney’s place (I have overlooked the time factor, oh!)

15:00 – I am received at Hearney’s, where I am taken through to learn more about his poetry nobel prize. Quite an inspiration…

16:45 – You’ll agree with me that you can’t complete a trip round the world in 1 420 minutes without touching to learn a bit about this great great grandson of the great Chicken Tom (Kunta Kinte), the slave who waged a gallant fight against slavery from within. 

18:00 – Just in time – I am here at to get the snap opinion and a hearty hug from Mr. Freeman, the man who has just experienced the feel and heat of portraying the graet so of Africa, Dr. Rolihlanhla Nelson Mandela.

20:59 – I thought I was able to work (travel) under pressure, but nay. I am here at Mother Theressa’s home town to get a closer insight of this great mother of nations from her natives. Will I make it through in time before I make off to mother Rigoberta Menchu, .

22:30 – Anyway, I am here. I must just take a walk around here and possibly see our great scribe, Mr. Wilbur Smith. is the place!

After that I must just take a long shower and drop like dead on the motel bungalow, bracing myself for tomorrow, the way back home to aah; but my land South Africa is beautiful! Or so discovered the venerable Alan Paton,

Today’s quote


      “Don’t put your egg in your pocket unless you’ve hard-boiled it first”.

                                                                           Stanley Bing


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