The importance of Relaxing

There are two sides to relaxing. Think about someone who is always preoccupied with maintaining a particular kind of standard, like a manager of a recently awarded food outlet in the neighbourhood, whose focus has become to maintain the service and keep the client base of the shop at the highest possible level and even increase the tally. To this person, there’s simply no time to waddle and dawdle around because the stakes, as you’ll agree, are so high.

At the other extreme, picture another person who’s unemployed and wakes up every morning and goes around looking for a job. On the mind of this person is the spouse whom he or she has left behind groaning on a couch because there’s no money for medical consultation, or the picture of the sullen face of his or her child who’s sulking for money to pay for the educational tour at school. No time to waddle or dawdle either.

I’m not suggesting that relaxing is waddling or dawdling. No, relaxing is a positive and constructive activity that should be planned for, but sad enough most of us experience it accidentally. The two examples above illustrate some of the very many extremes that end up denying us that precious moment.

The truth is that we all need to relax one time or another along the day. Relaxation has a plethora of benefits for our mind, body, soul and spirit. Lack of relaxation, too, offers much destruction in our lives. Remember the old saying, “A Healthy Mind In A Healthy Body”. Which, conversely, can mean “A Healthy Body In A Healthy Mind”. Because a healthy body, a healthy mind, a healthy soul and a healthy spirit all need and complement one another. And towards achieving such equilibrium, relaxing plays a very large role.

Please, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I ever relax?
  • How often do I relax?
  • How do I relax?

The answers to these questions are key in turning your life around if you haven’t yet built in relaxation as a habit. If you already value relaxation and do practice it, keep it up!

The next discussion will hinge on how to RELAX.                                                                         I heard someone saying he relaxes by reading a newspaper. I can’t say yep or nope, it goes with individual to individual. As long as the activity that you engage in does not end up raising your adrenalin (what if you’re reading a newspaper and see a picture of your house up in flames?), or raise your temperature (like hearing that the investment house you’ve placed your lump sum was a fly-by-night and has indeed vanished with your savings).

Over and above relaxation techniques, we’ll also look at how to plan for relaxation. Because you must not solely and largely rely on accidental instances of relaxing; what if they don’t come your way for a while?

*** And stay MOTIVATION-alized, Now, Forever! ***

Dennis Salane




The Dangers of ENERGY Drinks

Taking energy drinks has become more than a habit in today’s busy life; it has become an ultra-addiction, a cult of some sort.

It affects all of us alike. The main reason is that our minds and bodies usually notch against the volumes of work they’re subjected to; pressures that we create for ourselves and / or pressures forced upon us. Intra-pressures and inter-pressures.

Imagine if for one or some other reason we had to force-stretch a mini-tent that accommodates 50 people to take 1000 people because of weather that changes abruptly in the midst of a party. The tent surely would comply but at the same time would suffer a tear here and a strain there.

I like to remember the folktale about the chameleon who competed with the elephant by forcing his body to expand; but just as he was about to exceed the elephant in size, his body exploded…

The two cases above illustrate to us that if something overdoes itself, there are consequences.

When our bodies receive an injection of calories of energy beyond their normal capabilities, they are hoodwinked into a state of super-ness, but when that false state is over; the overstretched tissue and the over-pulsated blood suffer the consequences.

More specifically, let’s look at these areas:

  • Addiction                                                                                                                              According to Caffeine Informer, consistent use of energy drinks may lead to dependence in them for that ‘magical supply of energy’. One major problem is financial strain because energy drinks become an open or hidden daily cost.
  • High Blood Pressure                                                                                                                                             As indicated at the premise of this discussion, for us to get that ‘boost’, certain ingredients of the drink tamper and ultimately alter the normal circulation of blood. This results in changes in blood pressure over a period of time; which leads to high blood pressure, and ultimately stroke.
  • Cardiac Arrest                                                                                                                             According to research by the Mayo Clinic, energy drinks cause abrupt and forced heart contractions which result in cardiac arrests. It has also been established that use of energy drinks before or during exercise or sport exacerbates the situation.


  • Growth and Development                                                                                                  Dr. Edward Group points out that one effect of energy drinks to adolescents is poor sleep and hallucinations. This condition is brought about by the excessive intake of Vitamin B ingredients such as Niacin and Pyridoxine. On the other hand, consumption of large amounts of caffeine may lead to liver and nerve injury and other related disorders.                                                                                        For further reading, visit
  • Stress Hormone Release                                                                                                       In the study by the Mayo Clinic, it was found that the increase in the release of noxpinephrine induced by a 240 mg of a particular energy drink used increase by 74% whereas a placebo drink caused an increase of 31% in the release of the hormone.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Allergic Reactions                                                                                                                                         When using an energy drink, the consumer is more likely to feel minor itching, airway constrictions and other related allergic reactions.
  • Type-2 Diabetes The high sugar content in energy drinks causes the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas to wear out over time. This anomaly leads to the development of Type-2 Diabetes.                                                                                                                        For further reading, go to

    I’d be very glad to know what your thoughts about this discussion are. If you know more good points about energy drinks, let me know. If you know some more dangers of energy drinks, oh, please add them for me.So, there you are! If you were not aware of these facts, now you know. Hopefully, it may assist you to strike some balance as you use your energy drinks.I will post this discussion on my blog so you can visit there and leave your comment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          And remain MOTIVATIONalized; Today, Forever!                                                                                                                                                                     Love You!                                                                                                                                                            Dennis Salane

Saving Your ENERGY : the Do’s and Don’ts in the early morning

I have received an outpour of inputs owing to the questions that I’ve put across for discussions in our previous episode on ENERGY. Let’s look at some of the tweets before we get to today’s topic.

“I do my short trips on my bike. That helps keeping me in shape.”   – Austin Terrence, Ohio, USA.

 “My profession as ambulance driver needs me to be paying lots of concentration on the road. I jog once or twice a week. Thanks…”                                            – Gillian Ayounga, Ibadan, Nigeria.

 “Hi, Dennis; I wish to remind you that a healthy mind and a healthy body keeps you energetic all day long.”                                                                                                – B.T. Freira, Lisbon, Portugal.

 “I often take Red Bull to boost myself when I feel tired.”             – Lindiwe Manke, Zeerust, S.A.


Thanks very much for your responses.


Today we’re looking at what we should do and what we shouldn’t do to avoid wasting our energy. Most of the energy that we waste it’s because of the things we do mindlessly, especially in the morning.


Avoid news bulletins in the morning                                                                                                                                                                                                               I’ve been watching a video by Josie Grouse ( and learnt that a news bulletin in the morning is one of the worst energy-eaters we subject ourselves to. She says that morning is that time when our body and mind is fresh and ready for the day, and the news is the last thing we need because it’s loaded with lots of negativity. When you watch or listen to news, you come across depressing information such as the rise in fuel costs, the rise in inflation and subsequent retrenchments, the opposition that’s always on (your favourite) president’s throat, violent clashes between students and police, and so on. All those factors trigger a negative reaction in our metabolic processes that deplete our energy reserves.

 Avoid reading mail in the morning                                                                                                                                            We usually glean through the mail that we haven’t read just before we set off to our various destinations because we think we might pick up one or two urgent issues that need our immediate response. The problem here is that we’re likely to come across mail that reminds us of debts or other obligations. The depression caused by such mail is very detrimental to our energy and how we perform our duties. Why not expose ourselves to such matters in the mail very much later in the day when we’ve already used our energy profitably?


Drink as much water as possible in the morning                                                                                                                                        Water therapy is one matter that is being preached at all avenues that you can think of. In SCOAN, Prophet T.B. Joshua dedicates a 10-minute programme every so often just to encourage congregants and viewers to drink water before taking anything else. Water doesn’t only purify and detoxify the body; it lubricates its members, regulates the functioning of various systems and also lays the foundation for acquisition and storage of energy that the body requires.

 Do simplest forms of exercise                                                                                                                                     Exercise remains the best way of building muscle and other essential parts of your body. One secret that a lot of people miss here is that two persons may receive a similar supply of energy from the food they eat or from whatever source, but between them the one with a good body structure will be able to convert 90% of the energy to good use compared to 25% conversion by a poorly constituted body. How do you rate your body? Poorly formed or well-structured? That’s where exercise comes in. Exercise is not always going to the gym or jogging. Simplest form of exercise include walking instead of driving to the store, going on stairs rather than the escalator, chasing around your pet foolishly, or nipping your grass.

 Avoid senseless arguments                                                                                                                                                            Senseless arguments are debates that people engage in with the aim of winning at all costs. Such debates usually end up in quarrels or spats. They are high energy sappers. If you tell someone that a ripe papaya is yellow in colour and they insist a ripe papaya is orange in colour, what’s there to lose if you withdraw from the argument? Nothing, you still remain yourself. You save your energy that you’d have lost anyway; because the more you argue, the higher your adrenalin rises, and the more the energy drains out of your body.


Avoid too much worrying                                                                                                                                      Worrying has to do with thinking over problems or things that seem to go wrong in your life. Whereas we can’t avoid thinking about those things, we can minimize the effect of worrying by engaging on activities that take away much of our peace thinking about them. Just polishing your shoes, or singing along your favourite song on video can go a long way in taking your mind away from the gloomy moments of your day. Meditation is also very helpful. We’ll dedicate some time to meditation later. But it’s important to avoid worrying as much as we can because it does not only lead to stress and anxiety, but it saps out quite much of our energy.


We’re done for today.

Now I expect TWO things from you now.                                                                                                                                                                                                    One – take more caution on building and preserving your energy while avoiding (unnecessary) waste of your energy in case you’ve not been. Your energy is your precious asset.

Two – share with us what you do to build your energy and maintain your reserves.


And, keep highly MOTIVATIONalized, Today, Forever!

Thanks, and Enjoy. LOVE You!

Dennis Salane



Good day!                                                                                                                                                                               I I intend that we spend a few moments together today discussing the whole question of ENERGY. From our primary school elementary knowledge we scantly describe energy as the ability to do work. The ability to open and close the gate, to wash utensils, to quarrel with someone we’re convinced they’re being mischievous with us. Yes, without this energy the thief wouldn’t be able to steal, and more probably (not apparently) the police wouldn’t be able to give him or her a chase.

Do you ever stand and ponder how much energy you have early in the morning for the day that lies ahead? Or, turning the question full circle, do you go to any pains to eliminate some of the habits that end up sucking the energy that you have and you direly need to tackle the day’s chores? How do you get the energy needed in the first place?

I wish we were able to track ants and bees (very small and eligible creatures) and copy their secret in dealing with this whole matter of energy! These very busy creatures are not only in time for work early in the morning, they work throughout the day with a great deal of enthusiasm and concentration, paying great attention to detail; and they will only call it a day long after official time-out. Watch them and see the phrase ability to do work spring into life…

One thing sure, they don’t gulp energy drinks first thing in the morning because civilization in their worlds hasn’t invented such life aids yet. LOL!

You’ll agree with me that energy is a very broad topic. Let’s stager its discussion into some bitable chunks. Watch this space for our first talk. Before we part though, this is not going to be a one-way traffic. In fact I expect a lot from you; so give it a thought.

Here’s something for today: as a starting point, imagine yourself driving your car that you’ve just filled up full tank. From where you stay you drive to Mauritius. Let’s assume the car will make it there anyway because it has energy supplied by petrol. From Mauritius you remember an important appointment in Honolulu, in which event you swing onto the road to your new destination. Arriving at Honolulu you realize that you’ve missed a call but there’s an SMS that the meeting has been shifted to Stockholm. (Okay, this is getting childish. The car has to be Super-car, right! Let’s dump the car and substitute it with an airbus… Would you have the energy to crisscross the lands just like that?)

Do you have that kind of energy? This is tantamount to the energy that your house-helper is expected to possess daily, seven-to-five. The level of energy the tractor driver needs every day to do all the tilling and the mowing? This is the energy that the tea-picker requires to move the length and breadth of the plantation. In your job, whether you are the boss making decisions in your office, or whether you are the labourer digging trenches under the scorching sun; you arguably need that energy.

Please, share with us how you obtain the energy that carries you through, how you care for it, and how you guard it against energy-corrosives.

And, keep highly MOTIVATIONalized, Today, Forever!

Thanks, and Enjoy. LOVE You!

Dennis Salane

My Wisdom

“Failure is not the inability to do the right thing the right way, but the inability to take action to begin to do the right thing right.”


Dennis Salane

Take advantage of Sun’s Energy!

Jason Mangrum, author of Mind Hack Recipe, shares with us a simple way of plugging into the Sun’s natural supply of ENERGY.

Remember: The Universal Law of the Universe, notably The Law of Attraction states that life is one interconnected wave of ENERGY.

Read the Extract below and take a-d-v-a-n-t-a-g-e of this awareness. Advantage? Yes, advantage. Because not everyone knows is aware of this fact.

Read on here…



Enlarge the Scope of Your VISION


In his bestseller, Your Best Life Now, Pastor Joel Osteen describes the story of a man who was on holiday in Hawaii with his family.

His friend took him around and stopped next to a very spacious, luxurious and expansive house with a lush garden on a hilltop. The house looked stunning beyond imagination. It was everything a dream house could be, and more…

As the man gazed at the magnificent house, he commented to his wife and friend, “I can’t even imagine living in a place like that”.                              But at that instant he realized that he had set a limit to his potential, and confessed that to them.


***                       ***                       ***                       ***


Now, I want you to think about anything that you once dreamed of achieving, which you later dismissed as being beyond your scope of achieving.

It could be a (very big) house, a (very blissful) relationship, a (healthy) bank account, or (inexplicable) peace of mind. Whatever it is, please write it down on a piece of paper and ask yourself what is the limiting factor between yourself and that objective.

Let me volunteer to assist with one possible answer. The stumbling block is your limiting belief, your lack of self-trust, your low drive, your eroding faith.


  • You can’t even imagine living in a place like that…
  • You can’t even imagine driving a car like that…
  • You can’t even imagine going on a holiday like that…
  • You can’t even imagine having a healthy bank account like that…


Today I want you to show those limiting beliefs the back door!

Just like the man in Hawaii, I want you to realize that disbelieving in yourself is your ultimate killer.

Enlarge the scope of your vision!

If the first person to invent the phone didn’t have self-confidence, they should have abandoned that idea at the conceptual stage. But because they expanded the vision and enlarged the scope, they stuck to the idea and look where we are today…

The Bible tells us that If you believe in your heart and you confess with your mouth, it shall come to pass.

If you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that you can live in a mansion bigger than the one our friend in Hawaii was intimidated with, so shall it be…


(Hope that leaves you more MOTIVATIONAL-i-s-e-d.                                                                             Good day. Love You!)

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