Hi, my name is Dennis Salane. I was born at Nsimbhi, Xikundu Village 45 years ago to Jullis and Salome Salane and am second born of the six children. I am a husband and a father, and an active member of the community. I am a qualified educator and have been teaching for 22 years. At present I am Deputy Principal of Hlengani Primary School in Limpopo, South Africa and I continue to teach Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

I am a member of the African National Congress (ANC) and South African Communist Party (SACP) and have been an activist against apartheid and for democratic governance since 1982. I cut my political teeth at Tompie Seleka (Arabie) Agricultural College when I was part of a group of students who fought to change harsh study conditions. I began to read political material more avidly, and in my group we listened to Radio Freedom and held a lot of discussions. I subscribed to Dennis Beckett’s Frontline magazine, and read From Union to Apartheid by Margareth Ballinger and Who Hangs the Hangman?       I joined the United Democratic Front (which was the face of the then banned ANC) as a member of its affiliate, the South African National Students Congress (SANSCO), which is today SASCO.

I started teaching in 1988 and became involved in organizing teachers into National Educators Union of South Africa (Neusa), and when the South African Democratic Teachers Union (SADTU) was formed I was part of the first team to lead in our Branch. After the unbanning of political organizations, I served as member of the ANC Northern Transvaal Provincial Science & Technology Committee, among various capacities.

I am passionate about writing. I write mostly in Tsonga/Shangaan and English. My first book – a short stories collection – Huma Mhiri (Exit, Viper), was published in 1986 by Heinemann. Then followed Tshangava ra Switlhokovetselo (A field of Poetry); Ndzhumba wa Afrika (Rhythm of Africa);           Xijumbana xa Tidiriva (A Bunch of Grapes); Kwakwa ra Sekwa (The Hindsight of a Duck); A Hi Tsongoleni Xitsonga (Let us Delight in Xitsonga – grammar); Be Proud with Life Orientation (Curricular). My manuscripts include A Taste of Africa (poetry); Questions Must be Asked (epic) and In Tandem with a Shark (novel).

I am currently working on a language book for foundation phase with my friend, Takalani Makepeace Ranwashe who is now living in Britain.

I enjoy working with children and youth because I know I am investing in the future of our nation. I work closely with local youth in their Youth Development Council as well as in ANCYL and YCL.

I believe in God, and I pray regularly. I also seek psychic guidance from Pasqualina (pasqualina.com); and my life coach models include Sonia Choquette (soniachoquette.com), Christy Whitman (ChristyWhitman.com) and Talane Miedaner (talane.com / lifecoach.com). I have recently joined Vicki McCarthy’s Healing-and-Wellness Meetup (Meetup.com) in Sydney in my quest to interact with like-minded people from across the globe.

I aspire to become a life coach so that I can take part in peoples’ lives helping them to get a mental-physical-spiritual-emotional balance.

In my blog, Saldb’s Blog, I hope to interact with you in writing. We are going to explore together issues that will help us to become and stay healthy and well mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. I hope that Sald’s Blog becomes your health and wellness DESTINATION. You can access all topics and features and most importantly respond or comment to any discussion by visiting https://saldb.wordpress.com

Welcome, and Enjoy!


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