The importance of Relaxing

There are two sides to relaxing. Think about someone who is always preoccupied with maintaining a particular kind of standard, like a manager of a recently awarded food outlet in the neighbourhood, whose focus has become to maintain the service and keep the client base of the shop at the highest possible level and even increase the tally. To this person, there’s simply no time to waddle and dawdle around because the stakes, as you’ll agree, are so high.

At the other extreme, picture another person who’s unemployed and wakes up every morning and goes around looking for a job. On the mind of this person is the spouse whom he or she has left behind groaning on a couch because there’s no money for medical consultation, or the picture of the sullen face of his or her child who’s sulking for money to pay for the educational tour at school. No time to waddle or dawdle either.

I’m not suggesting that relaxing is waddling or dawdling. No, relaxing is a positive and constructive activity that should be planned for, but sad enough most of us experience it accidentally. The two examples above illustrate some of the very many extremes that end up denying us that precious moment.

The truth is that we all need to relax one time or another along the day. Relaxation has a plethora of benefits for our mind, body, soul and spirit. Lack of relaxation, too, offers much destruction in our lives. Remember the old saying, “A Healthy Mind In A Healthy Body”. Which, conversely, can mean “A Healthy Body In A Healthy Mind”. Because a healthy body, a healthy mind, a healthy soul and a healthy spirit all need and complement one another. And towards achieving such equilibrium, relaxing plays a very large role.

Please, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I ever relax?
  • How often do I relax?
  • How do I relax?

The answers to these questions are key in turning your life around if you haven’t yet built in relaxation as a habit. If you already value relaxation and do practice it, keep it up!

The next discussion will hinge on how to RELAX.                                                                         I heard someone saying he relaxes by reading a newspaper. I can’t say yep or nope, it goes with individual to individual. As long as the activity that you engage in does not end up raising your adrenalin (what if you’re reading a newspaper and see a picture of your house up in flames?), or raise your temperature (like hearing that the investment house you’ve placed your lump sum was a fly-by-night and has indeed vanished with your savings).

Over and above relaxation techniques, we’ll also look at how to plan for relaxation. Because you must not solely and largely rely on accidental instances of relaxing; what if they don’t come your way for a while?

*** And stay MOTIVATION-alized, Now, Forever! ***

Dennis Salane




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