Good day!                                                                                                                                                                               I I intend that we spend a few moments together today discussing the whole question of ENERGY. From our primary school elementary knowledge we scantly describe energy as the ability to do work. The ability to open and close the gate, to wash utensils, to quarrel with someone we’re convinced they’re being mischievous with us. Yes, without this energy the thief wouldn’t be able to steal, and more probably (not apparently) the police wouldn’t be able to give him or her a chase.

Do you ever stand and ponder how much energy you have early in the morning for the day that lies ahead? Or, turning the question full circle, do you go to any pains to eliminate some of the habits that end up sucking the energy that you have and you direly need to tackle the day’s chores? How do you get the energy needed in the first place?

I wish we were able to track ants and bees (very small and eligible creatures) and copy their secret in dealing with this whole matter of energy! These very busy creatures are not only in time for work early in the morning, they work throughout the day with a great deal of enthusiasm and concentration, paying great attention to detail; and they will only call it a day long after official time-out. Watch them and see the phrase ability to do work spring into life…

One thing sure, they don’t gulp energy drinks first thing in the morning because civilization in their worlds hasn’t invented such life aids yet. LOL!

You’ll agree with me that energy is a very broad topic. Let’s stager its discussion into some bitable chunks. Watch this space for our first talk. Before we part though, this is not going to be a one-way traffic. In fact I expect a lot from you; so give it a thought.

Here’s something for today: as a starting point, imagine yourself driving your car that you’ve just filled up full tank. From where you stay you drive to Mauritius. Let’s assume the car will make it there anyway because it has energy supplied by petrol. From Mauritius you remember an important appointment in Honolulu, in which event you swing onto the road to your new destination. Arriving at Honolulu you realize that you’ve missed a call but there’s an SMS that the meeting has been shifted to Stockholm. (Okay, this is getting childish. The car has to be Super-car, right! Let’s dump the car and substitute it with an airbus… Would you have the energy to crisscross the lands just like that?)

Do you have that kind of energy? This is tantamount to the energy that your house-helper is expected to possess daily, seven-to-five. The level of energy the tractor driver needs every day to do all the tilling and the mowing? This is the energy that the tea-picker requires to move the length and breadth of the plantation. In your job, whether you are the boss making decisions in your office, or whether you are the labourer digging trenches under the scorching sun; you arguably need that energy.

Please, share with us how you obtain the energy that carries you through, how you care for it, and how you guard it against energy-corrosives.

And, keep highly MOTIVATIONalized, Today, Forever!

Thanks, and Enjoy. LOVE You!

Dennis Salane


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