Enlarge the Scope of Your VISION


In his bestseller, Your Best Life Now, Pastor Joel Osteen describes the story of a man who was on holiday in Hawaii with his family.

His friend took him around and stopped next to a very spacious, luxurious and expansive house with a lush garden on a hilltop. The house looked stunning beyond imagination. It was everything a dream house could be, and more…

As the man gazed at the magnificent house, he commented to his wife and friend, “I can’t even imagine living in a place like that”.                              But at that instant he realized that he had set a limit to his potential, and confessed that to them.


***                       ***                       ***                       ***


Now, I want you to think about anything that you once dreamed of achieving, which you later dismissed as being beyond your scope of achieving.

It could be a (very big) house, a (very blissful) relationship, a (healthy) bank account, or (inexplicable) peace of mind. Whatever it is, please write it down on a piece of paper and ask yourself what is the limiting factor between yourself and that objective.

Let me volunteer to assist with one possible answer. The stumbling block is your limiting belief, your lack of self-trust, your low drive, your eroding faith.


  • You can’t even imagine living in a place like that…
  • You can’t even imagine driving a car like that…
  • You can’t even imagine going on a holiday like that…
  • You can’t even imagine having a healthy bank account like that…


Today I want you to show those limiting beliefs the back door!

Just like the man in Hawaii, I want you to realize that disbelieving in yourself is your ultimate killer.

Enlarge the scope of your vision!

If the first person to invent the phone didn’t have self-confidence, they should have abandoned that idea at the conceptual stage. But because they expanded the vision and enlarged the scope, they stuck to the idea and look where we are today…

The Bible tells us that If you believe in your heart and you confess with your mouth, it shall come to pass.

If you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that you can live in a mansion bigger than the one our friend in Hawaii was intimidated with, so shall it be…


(Hope that leaves you more MOTIVATIONAL-i-s-e-d.                                                                             Good day. Love You!)


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