How prosperous should 2011 be?

Year in and year out, it has become common practice to wish one another a prosperous New Year just like that. This kind of wishing is – as the Bible admonishes – as void as offering someone fish rather than teaching them how to catch fish. Come to think of it, if you give someone fish, that person remains dependant on your next mercy. But if you teach them how to fish, they will provide for themselves whenever the craving for fish pops up.

It is for this reason that we must take a deeper look at what a prosperous (new) year looks like. If, for example, you were a smoker until now, and you realised that stopping the habit would be beneficial, then that is exactly what you would need to do to make 2011 a better year. If your friend in New York sent you a beautiful card wishing you a very prosperous New Year, and your brother in Tshwane (Pretoria) suggested something practical towards quitting smoking, then obviously your brother in Tshwane is the one who has led you a step in the direction of a prosperous year ahead. In this case, your brother in Tshwane would either have referred you to a website that deals with stopping smoking, or to a social group whose mission is same. Or by simply raising your awareness in you in that direction. 

In the next few discussions, I want you to do what we call retroactive inhibition. By this we mean taking a sober look at one’s life. A deep and honest look. The aim will be to identify things or habits that are not beneficial. Do not strain yourself, a maximum of four will be appropriate to start with. Of the four things or habits, try to state one reason why that habit is not constructive for your life. A simple example would be: I do not exercise.

The next step will then be to suggest a way of dealing with that shortcoming. Example: I will take two laps around the sportsfield twice a week.

Having done that, then we go to the next step. Implement the decision by getting out to the sportsfield twice every week. Stick to the plan or resolution. Jot it down in a piece of paper and paste it on your bedroom to ensure that it stays on your mind. Stick to it whether it is a rainy week, a hot week or a snowy week.

This is my own little way of making 2011 a prosperous year for you.

Please, have a Well and Healthy, Rainbow-coloured, God-driven NEW YEAR!!


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