Across the globe in 1 420 minutes!

08:00 – I visit the Kruger National Park at  to view how giraffes survive the hot sun.

09:30 – I visit the Laugh-It’s-The-Best-Medicine corner at to catch some fun stuff.

11:20 – I google some like-minded groups at and end up landing on the doorstep of Vicky MacCarthy’s Wellness and Health Meetup (health and wellness/

13:15 – I am welcomed at Oprah‘s studio at, where I make a coutersy call because within an hour I must be at Seamus Hearney’s place (I have overlooked the time factor, oh!)

15:00 – I am received at Hearney’s, where I am taken through to learn more about his poetry nobel prize. Quite an inspiration…

16:45 – You’ll agree with me that you can’t complete a trip round the world in 1 420 minutes without touching to learn a bit about this great great grandson of the great Chicken Tom (Kunta Kinte), the slave who waged a gallant fight against slavery from within. 

18:00 – Just in time – I am here at to get the snap opinion and a hearty hug from Mr. Freeman, the man who has just experienced the feel and heat of portraying the graet so of Africa, Dr. Rolihlanhla Nelson Mandela.

20:59 – I thought I was able to work (travel) under pressure, but nay. I am here at Mother Theressa’s home town to get a closer insight of this great mother of nations from her natives. Will I make it through in time before I make off to mother Rigoberta Menchu, .

22:30 – Anyway, I am here. I must just take a walk around here and possibly see our great scribe, Mr. Wilbur Smith. is the place!

After that I must just take a long shower and drop like dead on the motel bungalow, bracing myself for tomorrow, the way back home to aah; but my land South Africa is beautiful! Or so discovered the venerable Alan Paton,


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