It must be 365 Days!

A report in today’s Daily Sun tells of a man who allegedly raped his 12-year old daughter while the mother was away visiting neighbours, and even more painful is the fact that while he was deep in snores, she was left to die on her own.

There are some probabilities which I would like us to check here for fear of passing a verdict to the father without valid proof…                                                  Justice jargon says a person is innocent until proven guilty. Because here, the only witness, the victim, cannot be here to testify; we may be at the mercy of the tormentor who can twist us left, centre, and right.

The father might also give an account that three armed thugs burst into the house, forced drugs on them, raped and killed the daughter, then sped off…

But supposing it is proven beyond reasonable doubt that the father is the culprit in this case – which is not unusual in South Africa at any rate – this would yet be another gruelling case of child abuse, right in the middle of the 16 Days Against Children and Women Abuse Campaign!

For want of anything else to say to eradicate the continuation of this and countless other dastard acts of abuse, let us all take a stern resolve to campaign against abuse 365 days a year!


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