Not now, when policing is understaffed!

 I do not know know with other countries in Africa and abroad, but here in South Africa it has become ‘normal’ to find a section of the police force dealing with certification of documents and affidavits.

The distasteful part of it all is that while there are members of the public who take long to receive help after having reported their problems to the police, the reason mostly being that the police officials have their hands full, what these law-and-order officers are actually engaging in is trying to paraphrase and rephrase sentences to convince whoever is concerned, or ramming down those stamps on the documents being certified.

To me this whole exercise boils down to mis-something. Mismanagement. Mistaken service prioritisation. Miscalculation of input versus output in the service delivery loop.

Certifying documents entails verification of the authenticity of a particular document, and then confirming it with a stamp and a signature. It is more than 100% a legal activity which should be located to officec of the Department of Justice. This function should essentially be shared with other institutions such as the Church, the Post Office, the Civic Organisation and the Traditional Leadership.

Safety and Security should be completely freed of such an activity to enable it to focus to crime with undivided attention.


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