Let’s think water…

Hi, there!

Today I want us to take a deep breath, pause and think about H2O – yes, water!

Science tells us water makes up more than 80% of the Earth, but even more intriguing is the fact that our bodies are about 75% and more water. Think about saliva, tears, blood, sputum and all fluids in our bodies…

It obviously becomes clear that water is a very essential thing in our life. From a HEALTH perspective, can you please share with us all how you value water? Just tell us what you think of  water as a role player in our health, the importance and the value of water, what you think is the effect of shortage or lack of water in people’s lives. In fact, speak out of the box. Just be lateral and be free.

TIP: Many people drink more beverage water such as juice, coldrink and alcohol that they take water!

Contribute by either leaving a comment here, or by email


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